Monday, 2 February 2015

Snowed in! Snow and handmade creations, rural living and loving life :)

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February 2015 Newsletter

Emerging from hibernation with new designs and ideas....and dealing with the joys of being snowed in!!
(a dream come true!)


New necklace now available and matching items on the way! Lots of new bead designs are coming along nicely for the other online shop 'The Dread Bead Shop'.

We've been hibernating a lot this last month, and I've taken many weekends away from the stall and markets to stay warm by the fire. In this much needed time of rest after a mega busy festive period, many new ideas have come to light and I'm so excited for the year ahead!

Snow in Northumberland
Northumberland Snow

The first fall of snow came and went, and just when we thought that was it for this's come back with a vengeance!

Heavy snow fall and snow drifts have caused our road to be inaccessible so I've had to stay put that little bit longer.


I've moved my studio downstairs by the fire ~ all that time and money spent on the new studio upstairs and I'm working from the coffee table! It makes perfect sense for the time being though as it means I can keep an eye on the fire and make sure it's roaring at all times!

Fingers crossed I'll be back in the upstairs studio soon to play with all the new storage drawers!!

The road outside our house has finally been cleared so I'll be able to get back to trading on the stall once the snow covering my stall bars and counter tops has melted!!

Look at all that snow! It's nearly as tall as our friend Ralph!

A gift from Gaia

We have a beautiful old dead tree in the field just down from our house. He's called Mort.

The day before Ian's birthday a few weeks ago, we had extremely strong gale force winds!!!

And as a birthday offering, Mort gave himself up to our log fires! What a gift indeed!! All of our central heating and hot water comes from the wise old trees and their fallen branches, but this time Gaia has given us Mort!  


Lots of fire wood still to be had which will see us free fuelled for quite some time. Maybe we should keep some of his parts to make something with as a reminder of his beauty and grandeur!

Ralph stands knee deep in snow by our friend Mort.

Valentine's Day

(sorry to have to mention it but it has to be done!)

Yummy Christmas

So, valentines day is just around the corner and I've joined the 'etsy match' promotion scheme on instagram (more on the joys of instagram to follow...)

Any purchase from the shop containing anything in the shape of a HEART means that you can use the discount code LOVE15 on checkout to receive 20% off the total amount. No minimum purchase!)

Choose from stud earrings, mini brooches and hairslides.
New designs now in the shop!

Supremily Shop


Supremily Jewellery on Instagram

I've been playing around on instagram for the last few days. It's such a brilliant platform for sharing images, with all sorts of amazing people around the world using it. I've found that it's been extremely successful for drumming up lots of interest for my work. I've also created a seperate profile for the dread bead shop and it's been incredible watching all the photo like's and comments flooding in! I've finally found the right platform to share my creations with the world!

The dread bead shop on instagram

You can find both new profiles by typing into the instagram search either @supremilyjewellery or @thedreadbeadshop to follow all the goings on!

If you're not a user of instagram, you can still take a peek by visiting it as a webpage (it's usually an android mobile phone app) ~ or thedreadbeadshop

Who knows how many people I'll have connected with by the time the next newsletter is due, I'm trying not to be on it too much but it's very addictive and is bringing in the sales, so hey! The perfect answer for one who has been house bound and unable to trade on the stall!


Where to find me in February
Tynemouth Market, Saturday 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th (maybe not all of these.....please check up on the facebook page!)


Quayside Market ~ Sun 8th, 15th, 22nd

Freeman Hospital, Wed 25th


So, I'm keeping it short and sweet this month....lots to get done! Thank you for opening and reading thus far. I'll leave you with a photot from Ian's birthday!

Until next month..... xx
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February Newsletter

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