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May 2014


Welcome to the May Newsletter!


Thank you for opening!

Here's a little of what's to come.......


  • Spring life adventures
  • New designs and creations
  • New website design
  • New etsy shop
  • Stalls in May


We've been spending a little more time outdoors as the weather is slowly improving out here in the sticks of Northumberland. We've had lots of visits from friends and have put them to good use! With help splitting and carrying wood from the river, we're slowly building up our wood pile. Our radiators and hot water are heated by our wood stove, so we need to keep a good stock of wood!
The lambs have arrived and are already getting quite fat!! It's lovely to be more tuned to the seasons living out here. Spring has brought us lots of baby rabbits, lambs, birds, bee's, butterflies to name but a few!

I've been working on some new designs.....one being part of a large custom order of cuff links. I was asked to make a Yin and Yang Cane as part of the order and I'm really pleased with how it turned out!

I've also made a second butterfly cane ~ the first one I made was about 2-3 years ago! It was an epic piece of work...made with blended purple wings.

I'm really pleased with how the new one has turned out. This took around 3 hours in total. Photo's below....

I've been busy re-designing my website. It's taken around 6-7 hours and I'm really pleased with the new look ~ if you have any feedback please do let me know your thoughts!

The new website

I've been getting into Pinterest lately, it's helping to inspire me! You can create different design boards for different inspirations..it's a great site for collecting images for ideas. I have one based on bedroom decor ideas, one based on garden ideas, one for jewellery inspirations and one for my jewellery....plus many more! If you're on pinterest, follow me! If not, join! (Warning...it's addictive!)

My Pinterest Board

I've also been inspired to paint the sitting room after the lining paper went up (mentioned in a newsletter a few months ago!) It's taken a while to get round to it but it's really made the room come alive. It looks lovely and cozy at night with the fire blazing.

A few days ago I decided to open my second etsy shop!! I've thought about opening a seperate shop for my dread beads for years having sold so many to people all over the world.


Those of you who know me will know that I love dreadlocks, having had mine for around 9 years now. They are certainly an expression of my creativity and life as an artist and spiritual being.

I love how different everybody's dreads can be. They are beautiful!! (And yes, I do wash them!!)

Mine were created by the crochet method and take a long time to create..although my super talented friend Susan is very quick and highly skilled. She is now based in Bristol but still comes to Newcastle to visit and maintain dreads! You can view her site below to learn a little more about dreadlocks.

Creative Roots Website

It's nice to now keep the dread beads seperate from the other jewellery in my Supremily Shop.

I'm working on a very large order of 200 beads for a friend's festival stall at the moment as well as making beads for the shop. I'm a busy bee~d!

Fingers crossed for the success of 'The Dread Bead Shop' ~ who knows what's next!

So far this month the weather has been letting the markets down a little! Fingers crossed for better weather over the next few weeks.

Where to find me in May

Tynemouth Station ~ Every Saturday

Quayside Market ~ Every Sunday

This month's Freeman Hospital date is Wednesday 28th (am)

And of course you can always visit me online if you can't make it to the stall.

Myself and Sarah from Ssh Spice it Salt it Herb it ~ my fab friend and fellow trader at Tynemouth Market.... Sarah sells delicious homemade oils and marinades from fresh wild herbs and garlic as well as fresh herb pots and oil pourers. Make sure you pay her a visit if you ever get a chance to come to the coast!

Ssh Website

That's all for May's news..... thank you for reading and engaging with my ramblings thus far, I am forever grateful for your support!


The next few weeks are rather hectic for me as I prepare stock and decor for Eden Festival next month...excited doesn't even come close. I can't wait to be back in the garden of Eden!


Have a lovely rest of May ~ enjoy the sunshine (when it's out) and keep going!

Emily xx
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May Newsletter

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