Tuesday, 8 April 2014

April's Newsletter


Thank you for opening April's Newsletter.....(with March's news...and a little of April's!) Here's what's to come......

Rewards ~ Awakening ~ Crowdfunder Clay ~ Birthday Adventures ~ New Products and Creations ~ Exciting News!
Here we go...!

So...I've been working hard to get all the rewards started for the crowd funding project I ran a few weeks ago. For those of you who are new to these little ramblings of mine....I ran a reward scheme to raise some funds to grow my business. I did this by offering different rewards for different amounts pledged and managed to raise £445 towards buying a huge stock of my beloved Fimo Clay!

I'm really enjoying working through the rewards. I also have 3 custom orders I'm working on and have been busy making stock for the stall and my other outlets. It's a very busy time for me and I'm loving it!


I'm also currently working on some special pieces for a new outlet... a gallery/shop in Greece ~ this came about from a bespoke necklace I made for a lovely lady who was going on holdiay to Greece..my work was spotted! Maybe one day I'll get the chance to visit....I've never been to Greece!

If you're currently waiting for a magical creation....thank you for your patience!

Bristol Building
Bristol Art
Cool shop front in Bristol

I took some time out in Bristol a few weeks ago to visit my beautiful friend Suzie ~ what an amazing place! Arty, colourful, quirky and rather cool to say the least.
I helped paint a mural and helped Suzie out at forest school with some adorable four year olds, playing in the trees finding mini beasties and making bird feeders. I felt re-connected to the simple beauty in everything.

We took a day trip to Glastonbury and explored the magical crystal shops, an apothacary style incense shop and looked at beautiful clothes, furniture and interesting books. We walked up the tor in the blazing sunshine.

Talk about feeling alive! My creative energies have been super charged! 

Crystal Shop

I've been having one heck of a good time with all the new clay since my return home ~ it's amazing to have every colour available for the first time EVER! Thank you pledgers! x

Fimo Collection!

I've had a birthday since last months newsletter! One year older and maybe a little wiser...!
I had a meal with friends the night before and explored an amazing gorge near our house on my birthday with Ian ~ the sunshine was amazing and hasn't been back since! I feel luck has been on my side so much ~ i'm extremely grateful :)

I've been working on some new products!

Sterling silver is way too soft a metal for stud earrings...they bend and go squigly if you sleep in them!

All my stud earrings are now hypo-allergenic stainless steel. Perfect for all skin types and sensitivities.
I'd much rather make super strong earrings that will last you forever rather than sell something that over time will go squigly!
  I've been making some larger stud earring shapes with all my magical designs on them, as well as lots of new smaller stud designs.

Red Star Earrings
Turquoise heart set

I have some new labels on my giftboxes which have had a positive response from customers so far.


The design is one I drew when we first moved to the countryside and didn't have internet to waste our lives on! Having not had a TV for 9 years has been utter bliss, although internet is a must for the business! 

Intricate Mandala Drawing by Supremily

Maybe I should draw some more.....I find it almost as therapeutic as making intricate patterns in clay! My drawings could be sold on the stall! (Wait a minute...one thing at a time)

Ok, time for some exciting news!

(Not that it's not all been exciting for you so far....but this is the uber exciting bit!...for me anyway!)


Firstly....I have a new market stall!!

(well, it's a rusty second hand one but it's not borrowed or rented....it's mine!)

For the first time ever I've actually got one to call my own! This is a quite a milestone in the history of Supremily Jewellery! It means I'm now leaving the house at 6.30am every sunday to build it but hey, a bit more hard work won't hurt!

Keep a look out for next months newsletter with photos of the set up ~ I'll be back on my old pitch at the Quayside...opposite Slug and Lettuce. Whoopie!!
New stall frame!

Secondly.... I've been invited to trade at Deershed Festival in July!

I'll be one of only two jewellery stalls to a 7000 strong crowd ~ trading into the night with a lit up 3x3metre walk in stall!

It'll be my first festival trading as a solo trader and I must admit I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment but extremely excited and grateful to have been asked!
Watch this space!


Where to find me in April...

5th, 19th, 26th ~ Tynemouth Station
12th ~ The Garden Station Craft Fair, Langley
6th, 13th, 20th, 27th ~ Quayside Market
16th ~ Freeman Hospital

And of course you can find me online...


The shop is going to be having a complete re-vamp over the next few weeks...watch this space!

Thank you for reading April's Newsletter! I know who you are and I think you are WONDERFUL!

Keep your eyes peeled for next months news......it may involve baby's, in the form of lambs and calfs!!
We have some rather fat sheep surrounding our house and the cows are mooing loudly in the barn!


One more thing....happy easter! Have a lovely time!

PHEW! That's definately it now.....

Supremily xx

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